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We would like to welcome you to our website entirely dedicated to the Maine Coon cats. Our fascination with cats of this breed began with a visit to the exhibition feline beauty. Charmed us most of all a wonderful character this breed, they are large and they seems wild; nothing could be more wrong. In fact, they are a big kitties who love to have fun and hugging. Their keep company in all domestic duties, are curious, happy and able to make us happy in any situation. We decided that one of this babes will live with us.

In 2010, just before Valentine's Day came to us our beloved Del, our first cat. Turned out to be the girl of our dreams ...she was just amazing. After such a dose of happiness, we decide that Del should have company, and so a few months later appeared Xanti. It took a while before we made a decision to start breeding. The year after Del moved with us we received confirmation from FPL to register our cattery. Right after that I flew to Denmark for our bachelor. Ghost is a very beautiful strong built tomcat, his children inherit the muscles. In 2012, to the world came our long-awaited first litter. In December 2013, just for Christmas from green Ireland came our next gem Emilia. She is mild-mannered cat loves to cuddle and purr loudly. She loves everyone people and animals, and we are frantic for her. During the summer holidays in 2014 we went to visit Policzna for another member of our crazy Family. This time the dog breed Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Banger is lovely, full of energy, cheerful dog. At the beginning of 2015 year from Poznan came to us our youngest star, very promising exhibition kitty Isis. We love that our little crazy angel. Does not leave us for a step and she is our daughter beloved cat.

Our cattery was born out of love for the Maine Coon Cats and has become our passion. Our cats grow up with a dog and a child, they are friendly and curious, and above all very lovely.

The name "Long Happiness" has several meanings: first of all long happiness, because that what You get if You decide to live together with a friend like that, second of all Long is Vietnamese dragon, so lucky dragon, the one with brings love and happiness to Your home. We are a FIFe registered cattery, and a member of the Polish all breed club Cat Club Sopot affiliated with Felis Polonia.

Our cats are under the permanent supervision of wonderful dr specialist of illnesses of dogs and cats  Mrs. Mirosława Ambroziak from the veterinary hospital of MEDI-VET in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. We thank you for caring and supervision above our family members!


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